Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buxton Opera House

Welcome to my new project a daily photo taken in Buxton or the Derbyshire Peak District. As the title suggest the aim is to post a photo a day, but as the area covered is a bit of a way from my home in Leek and also prone to changeable weather the photos will not be taken on the day, in fact they might not have been taken in the same month or year.

So why have I started the project, well as a photographer and living so close to the area I find I have a large selection of photos of the area that I have had no excuse to use and this seemed like the best way to get them seen. Also as a photographer the wealth of subject matter is so huge that I needed some way of disciplining myself to go out and shoot good images and with 366 images needed this year its a really good incentive to get out and shoot.

A bit about me if your new to my work, I'm a full time photographer living in Leek and a blogger of over 3 years, whose first blog 365 to 42 was a Blogger Blog of Note. On the photography side I cover all aspects from Wedding to Landscape, to Portraits and product shots and have been taking and sell photos for over 20 years. On the blogging side I have 3 other blogs, 365 to 42, my first born and favourite (just don't tell the others) this was a personal blog that I posted with out fail for a year, and it changed my life. My next blog started out as a purely photographic blog covering technique and was there to help promote good photography, it has since become my blog for the photography business. My last blog is the Leek daily photo, covering images from Leek and the Staffordshire Moorlands and is just coming in to its third year.

My first photo is the picture that finally inspired me to do this blog, taken on a rainy day in Buxton when I was there to check out a venue from a photo shoot and had some time to kill. Once I had got the shot I then found my self looking for a place to use it and the idea for the blog was born.

The picture is of Buxton Opera House and as I've already written far more than normal and I'm sure it will feature again that is where I will finish for today.

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  1. Looking forward to your photos. I spent I very nice holiday a few years back in Bakewell so it will be nice to see some of the nearby area again.